5 Chill Inducing Music Therapy Videos on YouTube

We often say music therapy is one of those things that sounds odd until you see it in action, and then you realize it's one of the most intuitive health interventions out there. What better way to see music therapy in action than by using YouTube? Here's a collection of some of our favorite music therapy videos on YouTube!


Pacifier Activated Lullaby

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Music Therapy is possibly one of the coolest branches of our field. In this video, we see an infant using the Pacifier Activated Lullaby (PAL) device invented by Dr. Jayne Standley at Florida State University. The device plays music whenever the infant sucks the pacifier, thus teaching them to feed themselves! The George Center has TWO NICU music therapists on staff.


Gabby Giffords working with a music therapist

In this video, we get to see the instantaneous effect music therapy can have. Here, we see Representative Gabrielle Giffords going through speech rehabilitation exercises, and becoming frustrated when the words won't come out. Then, when singing a song, the words flow. At about 3:30 into the video, we see an awesome interview with music therapist Meagan Morrow, who worked with Rep. Giffords. This video will give you chills.


Music therapy in Parkinson's Disease

Here's a great video highlighting some of the ways music therapy is used with patients with Parkinson's Disease.


Music therapy TED Talk with Tim Ringold

Our colleague Tim Ringold gave the first ever TED Talk on music therapy in this video. It's short, poignant, and will probably elicit a tear.


What Music Therapists Want You To Know, by The George Center

*ahem* Now, we may just be a TAD bit biased, but we're quite fond of this music therapy video on YouTube. If you're new around here, we put this video together in January for Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month.

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