Monday Round Up, June 10th

Round Up time! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Let's dive right into the stories this week!

Music therapy helps people achieve (Columbus Telegram) 

Nice write-up on a music therapist from a loca newspaper in Nebraska! I love the title!

How high-tech jobs could solve the autism unemployment crisis (The Verge)

Excellent story on how hi-tech jobs are perfectly suited for some people with autism. Many times, gainful employment is one of the biggest obstacles standing between people with autism and independent living.


'Sensory-Focused' Autism Therapy Shows Early Promise (WebMD)

Interesting study here in which children with autism who were placed in a sensory-enriched environment showed gains in social and sensory skills. Part of the study involved exposing the participants to classical music! Of course, we're all about sensory experiences in music therapy. Worth a read.


First ever music video shot in space


This is a few weeks old now, but man is it cool. Astronaut Chris Hadfield has built a reputation for playing guitar aboard the International Space Station, and now he's filmed a whole music video. Too fun.

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