Music Therapy Services at Key Music Center in Norcross

The George Center of Music Therapy is proud to be offering services to Key Music Center in Norcross. We are proud to a part of the developing area of Norcross, expanding our services to the Gwinnett County area. Key Music Center is located near downtown Norcross. Different from the multiple disciplinary operations at the Cobblestone location in Roswell, Key Music Center is set up as a music school. Key Music Center services include group classes, which include rock band, drama classes, keyboard kids, music ensembles, Kindermusik, as well as private lessons, acting lessons, and music therapy.

Key Music center is an excellent location for adaptive music lessons and music therapy sessions. Key Music has weighted electric pianos, which gives the client the feel for what a real piano feels. Plus weighted piano keys are a great way to improve finger strength while working on improving fine motor skills. The center has a large room good for groups and clients who like an open space to move around the room.  There is also a drum set which is great for the kiddos who like to jam.

Interested in checking out Key Music Center? Contact Key Music Center or The George Center for Music Therapy to try a music therapy session, adaptive lessons, or Kindermusik class.  All music therapy sessions, adaptive lessons, and Kindermusik classes are conducted by Board Certified Music Therapists from The George Center for Music Therapy.