Round Up, Early Childhood Edition! May 20

Continuing our early childhood music theme from last week to pump up our new summer Kindermusik classes, today's Round Up features music and health stories centered on early childhood! Let's get to it!


Music in early childhood has a direct link to reading readiness (Michigan State University)

New research shows that children involved in music at an early age are more ready for reading and writing when the time comes! Cool stuff.


Music Therapy Gives Premature Babies A Boost (WRIC)

Neat write up on the music therapy program at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago.

Music brings together children with disabilities and their peers (Journal of Music Therapy)

Cool study here that showed that a music group increased social interactions between children with a disability and their typical peers.

Imagine Magazine (American Music Therapy Association)


Did you know the American Music Therapy Association publishes an online magazine ALL about early childhood music therapy? Did you know the therapy team here at The George Center will be featured in this magazine next month doing a podcast on early childhood music therapy? We'll put the podcast up here once it's published, but check out some past issues at the link above!

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