Explore the Benefits of Music for Children in Schools and Daycare Centers

Kindermusik isn't just for individual families, The George Center offers our Kindermusik classes to schools and day care centers in Atlanta as well! We're featuring information on Kindermusik and early childhood music this week on the blog, check out this great info from Kindermusik!

Young children thrive on music. Music and movement education is the last thing that should be cut from school budgets. There is a grave misconception that music is educationally peripheral, when in fact music is the best vehicle for early childhood literacy. Luckily, Kindermusik is expanding into schools and day care centers.

Kindermusik is a leading publisher of early childhood education curricula. Each research-based curriculum uses music and movement as a vehicle to better engage and teach young children. Carefully sequenced instruction using music, storytelling, and activities strengthens neural pathway development for greater cognitive connection-making, coordination, and even memory. Kindermusik students have also shown significant gains in abstract reasoning, spatial and temporal reasoning, and self-control.

Working parents are so thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the quality of Kindermusik offerings into their children’s lives through the premiere Kindermusik enrichment programs that promote skills development and school-readiness. Every child enrolled in our daycare and pre-school curriculums receives four sessions per month, plus access to digital home materials that increase parent involvement by connecting the classroom learning to the home environment. We know how hard you work to keep parents connected to the classroom experience. Plus, research shows that parent involvement in early childhood education increases school-readiness, social skills, and more. We want to help.

Each month parents receive access to their own online site where they can enjoy their child’s curriculum through Kindermusik@Home. These home materials are provided in an easy-to-use, green-friendly, digital format and describe in detail activities from class, as well as provide unique insight and information on how a child learns. Parents will love this customized online subscription to what’s happening every week at your center and you will love the increased parent involvement in preschool that boosts customer loyalty.

In addition, the ABC Music & Me curriculum, our licensed Kindermusik instructors guide children through flexible 30-minute lessons. ABC Music & Me is an early childhood music curriculum that is standards-based and used as a supplemental daycare or preschool curriculum. All three levels of our research-supported curriculum cultivate turn-taking and sharing, improve coordination, enhance creativity, and boost early language development and pre-literacy. Each week, teachers begin a new thematic unit with teacher tools and Student Take Home Kits, complete with instruments, CDs, stories, early literacy activities, and parent notes. ABC Music & Me is proof that music education translates into every facet of children’s academic success.

Here’s a sneak peek into a Kindermusik classroom!

Content Credit: kindermusik.com

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Content Credit: kindermusik.com


Jamie George


Jamie founded The George Center for Music Therapy, Inc. in 2010 in order to expand and increase access to quality music therapy programs in the metro Atlanta area. She is a licensed and nationally board-certified music therapist. Jamie holds additional certifications in Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Music Therapy (NICU-MT).

Jamie received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Western Michigan University, and a Master of Music with a concentration in Music Therapy, from the University of Georgia. She completed her graduate research studying music therapy and its effects on children with sensory processing disorder. Jamie completed her internship working with exceptional children in the Fulton County Schools Music Therapy Department in metro Atlanta. Jamie specializes in autism and other neurologic conditions. In addition to teaching and treating, she actively consults with parents, therapists, allied health, and therapeutic and educational programs across the country.

Jamie serves on the Ethics Board for the American Music Therapy Association, and serves as Government Relations Co-Chair for the Southeastern Region of the AMTA. She serves as Reimbursement Chair for the Music Therapy Association of Georgia, having previously served as Treasurer for the organization from 2007 – 2012.  Jamie also serves on the Georgia state task forceand the Georgia Secretary of State appointed Music Therapy Advisory Committee.

Jamie is an accomplished vocalist, and comes to Atlanta after having performed for several years in New York City and Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.

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