Round Up, May 13th

Welcome, readers! We've collected some really neat stories and blog posts this week, so let's dive right in!

Watch out, bullies: She's got the band behind her (CNN)

Heartwarming story here about a girl with autism who found her place socially in the band. A great reminder that music not only addresses important health goals, but provides a social experience that every one of us can take part in.


He Proved Me Wrong: On Autism and Presuming Competence (Flappiness Is...)

A beautifully written piece here from the blog "Flappiness Is...," a blog written by a parent of a child on the autism spectrum. This post discusses the mantra "Always presume competence," a phrase that's very important to those working in and around the special needs community. Having autism does not necessarily mean one has an intellectual disability. Similarly, just because someone does not respond to you when spoken to does not mean they don't understand what you said. To assume so sells that person short. In this bog post, Leigh tells a story about her son that speaks to this mantra.

This post is also relatable to our next Round Up piece...


Forget What You Know: Jacob Barnett (TEDxTeen)


This kid oozes enthusiasm and passion for what he does. He also relays a story of when competency was NOT assumed. Don't sell this kid short!


"Thank You Mister Speaker": On Music and Social Behaviors (Psychology Today)


Great post from our music therapy colleague Kimberly Sena Moore on how music plays into our social behaviors.

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