Monday Round Up: April 8th

The new week is upon us! Some of us are returning from Spring Break, others are just beginning their break. Whether you're at your desk, in the carpool line, or by the pool, here's a collection of health and music stories from around the web!


April is Autism Action Month (TACA)

April is Autism Awareness Month, and one of our favorite non-profit organizations, TACA, is organizing Autism Action Month. They've put together lists of action-based initiatives that families, individuals, and businesses can participate in to make a difference. Go check out what you can do!


Music as medicine has huge potential (CBC)

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has a cool story that probably has most music therapists saying "duh." Check out this story that includes information from several studies, even one that shows that patients who listened to music prior to going into surgery had lower anxiety and less side effects  than patients who took valium. Pretty impressive!

Of course, we know through music therapy research that live music works better than recorded music, so these kind of studies really reinforce the benefits of employing a music therapist at hospitals. Healthcare centers can improve outcomes for patients, with less worries of side effects and liability concerns, and save the cost of expensive drugs.


Music therapy leaving patients on a high note (The Age)

Cool story from Melbourne, Australia on a music therapy students working in a hospital. From the story:

"Appealing to the physical, emotional and social dimensions of music, the experience of music therapy can contribute to improving overall health and wellbeing."


The Real Sounds of Hearing Loss (NPR)

This weekend, I went to one of the concerts happening in Downtown Atlanta as part of the Final Four festivities. Thankfully, I remembered my earplugs. Many of us frequently overlook the importance of taking care of our hearing, but it really can't be overstated. As pointed out in this NPR story, restoring hearing isn't exactly as easy, effective, or cheap as restoring vision.

Click on the audio files in this story to experience what it's like to have several different types of hearing loss. And bring those earplugs to the next concert you go to!


Just because...impromptu sax battle on NYC subway!


Pretty fun. Enjoy!


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