Monday Round Up, April 22nd

Welcome to the Round Up! Let's dive straight into the health and music world and see what's been happening this week.


Live Music's Charms, Soothing Premature Hearts (New York Times)

Music therapy got some BIG press this week! Check out this fantastic story in the New York Times that made it's rounds on Facebook about music therapy in the NICU. FSU professor Dr. Jayne Standley is quoted, along with leading physicians. The George Center has two music therapists who are NICU-MT certified!


Inside India's 'No-Frills' Hospitals, Where Heart Surgery Costs Just $800 (Business Insider)

Interesting article and idea here. This article details a chain of private hospitals in India that is aiming at providing the absolute lowest-cost services available. That means a no frill approach: no A/C except in ICU, training the family members of patients how to do basic tasks like changing bandages to cut down on the need for nurses, "red-eye" heart operations, pre-fab buildings. Certainly a far cry from the patient-centered approach of the West.

Or is it? While much of the content in the article may make you turn up your nose (the "Wal-Mart" of hospitals), there is something to be said about offering important medical procedures at a price that India's lower class can afford. Food for thought.


Is mental health seasonal? (Salon)

Interesting study that used Google searches to discover that searches for mental health related terms (depression, medicine for _____, etc.) rose by 14% during the winter months! Interesting method, and a good reminder of the importance of caring for your mental health and removing the stigma often associated with it.


University of Iowa professor brings music therapy to dementia patients (The Daily Iowan)

Good write up on our music therapy colleague Mary Adamek and her work with using music therapy with people with dementia!

Interested in bringing a music therapist to your healthcare facility? The George Center is ready to fill your need! Let's talk!