Monday Round Up, April 15th

Welcome to the new week! Here's the latest from the music and health worlds!

Study: There Seems to be a Universal Brain Response to Music (The Atlantic)

Interesting research study from Stanford University which found that people show remarkably similar brain patterns when actively listening to classical music, suggesting a higher level of cognitive function happens when we listent to music rather than just simple auditory processing of sound. Cool stuff!

App aims for faster autism diagnosis (USA Today)

Neat article about an app being developed that allows parents to video their children and have autism experts give a diagnosis based on these videos. For parents in rural areas, this could improve access to autism treatments.


Occupational therapy growing as way to help kids with Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, sensory issues (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Short little blog post from the AJC on Occupational Therapy. The end of the article asks parents if they know a good Atlanta area OT. We know a few!

Atlanta Falcons, local celebs team up for child abuse prevention awareness (Access North Georgia)

Some members (past and present) of the Atlanta Falcons gave back to their community last week in Gainesville to help prevent child abuse. Always good to see athletes giving back to the community!