We're Going on an Egg Hunt!

It’s the week before Easter and throughout the George Center,

Eggs have been shaking. Goodbye cold winter.

Easter egg hunts are very common this time of year. This week at the George Center, we put a musical twist to a old classic:  Musical Easter Egg Hunt. All of our clients are familiar with our egg shakers. This week, we addressed social skills by taking turns hiding the egg shakers around the room. Once all the eggs were hidden, the client and therapist would find the eggs that were hidden around the room. Sounds like a typical egg hunt right? But aren’t all music therapy sessions tailored to therapeutic goals?

Of course they are!

So how did we take this basic setup and fit it to each of our clients’ individual goals and objectives? For our clients who are taking lessons on the piano or guitar, cards with rhythm patterns were hidden with the egg. In order to put the egg the client found in the basket, the client had to play the rhythm on the card with the egg shaker. For our clients who are working on receptive communication skills, they had cards hidden with their eggs with fun directions for them to follow. Some of the directions included “Make a silly sound”, “Hop 5 times”, and “Clap your hands 4 times”. Our clients who are working on social skills got to work on turn taking and participating in a social activity.

The George Center wishes everyone a happy spring!

Spring time is a great time to start music therapy! Naturally, you probably have a lot of questions. Why not let one of our knowledgable music therapists answer some of those for you?