Monday Round-Up, March 25th

Welcome to the new week! We're slowly recovering from our regional conference in Chattanooga (more on that later this week!), but we're still bringing you the top stories from around the music and healthcare communities!

Parental Study Shows Rise in Autism (New York Times)

We did a quick blog on this on Thursday, but this new study from the CDC shows a higher rate of autism than the previous 1 in 88 number released last year.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer Lobbies Congress for Music Education (Loudwire)

It's always nice to have a celebrity voice advocating for music. Not only does it draw more attention to the cause, but when it's a rockstar, hopefully it will get a younger crowd fired up about music education! Thanks Chad Smith!

CSN, Jack Black Headline All-Star Autism Concert (USA Today)

April is Autism Awareness Month, and this concert looks like it'd be a good one! Pretty interesting line-up there.

Cancer Patients Benefit From Music Therapy (Santa Maria Times)

A basic write-up on music therapy here, but it's the placement of this article that's cool. This comes from a regular column from the Santa Maria Times, AND it's written by a surgeon!

Professor Studies Music Therapy's Effect on Heart Disease Patients (Appalachian State University)

This sounds like a study I'd be interested in reading! From the article:

"A preliminary study conducted for her dissertation found that music therapy appeared to decrease tension and anxiety for those participating in the therapy. “I also found an unexpected result – an increase in vigor and activity,” she said. “If you can use music therapy to decrease, tension, anxiety or depression and also increase vigor and activity, that would be really powerful especially for those who are really motivated to follow the exercise and diet protocols that their physician has recommended.”"


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