CDC Releases New Autism Numbers: 1 in 50

Some big news came out of the CDC yesterday. According to a parent survey conducted by the organization, the prevalence rate of autism spectrum disorders is now up to 1 in 50 children.

ABC News: 1 in 50 School Kids Has Autism

The numbers should serve as a sign for increased research and advocacy efforts for autism, but it should also be stressed the survey is not perfect. The survey was conducted over the phone, and there is a chance that some of the results are skewed from a sample bias (parents with children with autism being more willing to complete the survey). The previous study done by the CDC pegged the numbers at 1 in 88. This survey utilized medical and school records to reach this number.

Regardless, it serves as a reminder to remain vigilant in advocacy and research efforts. No matter what the numbers say, we know that autism is a serious issue in healthcare that has sweeping effects on families and the community.

Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) is a fantastic organization that supports families affected by autism, and The George Center throws our full support behind this wonderful non-profit. Please consider a donation to TACA, and support families with autism.