Music Therapy: Not Your Typical 9 to 5

This month, I had the honor of writing a guest post for "A Piece of the Puzzle," a resource website for teachers, parents, and students with autism spectrum disorders.  I decided to write about all the things that make my job as a music therapist unusual, and compare that to how intuitive and natural music therapy actually is. You can enjoy a teaser of my article here, then head on over to A Piece of The Puzzle, sign up for an account, and read the rest of my article along with the rest of their great content!


Alright, I admit it.  I have an unusual job.  My field has an unusual name.  Everyday at work, I’m doing things that would raise eyebrows of the average office worker.

I also work with people who might not fit into social norms.  They have a difficult time communicating.  Their actions might be viewed as unusual to some.  The things that bring them comfort might elicit quizzical looks.

So what do I do everyday?  I’m a music therapist, and I work with people with autism.

When people ask what I do and I tell them I’m a music therapist, I typically get one of two responses): 1) “What on earth is music therapy?” or 2) “Ohhhh, how cool!”  The former response wants to hear more about what I do with some examples.  The latter quickly changes the subject, because they think I’m going to talk their ear off if they ask more.  It’s okay they’re right, I probably will.

Music therapy is one of those fields that is just hard to explain in words.  The name conjures up images of hippies, drum circles, incense, and all sorts of other alternative medicines that aren’t entirely based in research.

However, once you see it in action, you get it immediately.  In fact, it’s so intuitive you’re amazed it’s not more widespread...

To read the rest, head over to "A Piece of the Puzzle," sign up for a free account, and click the "Educators Corner" tab!

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