Super Bowl Blackout: Keeping Focus Through Interruptions

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? It was a pretty successful event for the most part. Exciting match-up, good commercials, excellent halftime show, what more could you ask for in a Super Bowl?

However, the thing everyone will likely be talking about is the power outage in the middle of the 3rd quarter that stopped play for over 30 minutes!

You might think an extra halftime would be welcomed by players, giving them an opportunity to further rest after a physical first half.  Yet, most of the players paced the sidelines anxiously, sat down to stretch, or participated in warm-up drills. They all simply had to keep moving. Football certainly has a rhythm to it, and extended interruptions such as this throw off that rhythm and it can be hard for players to keep focused.

Similarly, many students struggle with focusing on a task for an extended period of time, and frequently find themselves distracted and disrupted by the world around them. Sitting and completing homework can feel like an impossible task.

For those special learners who struggle with these tasks, we offer our fantastic adaptive lessons service.

Learning an instrument addresses so many important goal areas, but it is especially useful for simply practicing the skill of sitting, focusing, and completing a task. Additionally, they give the student an opportunity to practice overcoming the frustration and fatigue that can often result.

Our team of music therapists are trained to not only provide quality instruction of a variety of instruments, but more importantly to help students with special learning needs overcome those difficulties and succeed.

Learning an instrument is rewarding, and we find many of our students simply can't wait to enter their lesson and start making music!

Just as long as the power doesn't go out...

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