Grading Our Predictions for 2013

Last year, I made a list of 6 predictions for 2013 here at The George Center. While it's hard to believe that 2013 has come and gone, it's time we take a look back at these predictions and see how accurate I was.

1. We’ll experience an increased rate of success with insurance reimbursement.

Nailed it! We nudged our numbers up from around 80% of our clients using their insurance to cover music therapy services to 85%All while increasing the number of clients we serve!

2. Music therapy will receive press coverage from a major traditional media outlet in Atlanta.

2 for 2 so far! Jamie was featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution back in September! Outside of the Atlanta area, I was given the opportunity to write an article for the Huffington Post!

3. We’ll welcome a new intern to our team

Batting 1.000! Jordan started with us in the summer and just wrapped up her internship at the end of December. She did such a fantastic job, we decided to hire her, so you'll be seeing more of her!

4. More Growth

Big check! Since the beginning of 2013, we've welcomed Tasia, Lana, AND Jordan to our team! Although, 2013 also saw us lose Laurie to grad school (whom we dearly miss), we still added two new therapist positions.

5. The George Center will venture into uncharted territory

This one was a little vague, but I think we've accomplished this as well. We're currently providing music-based video content to a tech start-up called World Relay, AND we're getting ready to start our Intergenerational Rock Band at Arbor Terrace Assisted Living in January! Both cool projects that are new territory for us.

6. Our clients will experience significant improvements towards goals

The best part of what we do, and I can safely say this one is a big check as well! We're seeing some amazing progress towards therapeutic goals for our clients, and we can't wait to see that growth continue next year.

Stay tuned for our 2014 predictions!

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Image credit: Flickr user Bitterjug