The 10 Most Popular Posts of 2013 on The George Center Blog

It's hard to believe that 2014 will be here next week. The new year promises to be a big one for us, and we're glad you'll be along to share it with us, blog readers!

But before we dive into 2014, let's take a look back at the most popular posts on the blog from 2013!

1. The Reach of Music Therapy [INFOGRAPHIC]

I think it's safe to say we owe a big thank you to Ben Folds for making this one such a hit! Last January during Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month, Ben shared this post on his Facebook page! This resulted in our highest traffic day in site history by a long shot (you ought to see the charts).

Social Media Advocacy Month is coming back in just a few weeks! Wait till you see what we have planned!

2. What Music Therapists Want You To Know (Music Therapy Advocacy Video)

Our Walk Off The Earth/Gotye parody video was a viral hit. We had an absolute blast making this.

3. 3 Studies on the Cost Benefits of Music Therapy

This post from back in June got shared on Facebook quite a bit. I love seeing people take an interest in the financial side of music therapy in addition to the clinical side!

4. What Exactly Separates Music Therapy from Music Entertainment?

I never expected this post to get the traction it did. To be quite honest, it was written in 20 minutes as a rant in response to something that had happened to me that day. But I'm glad it resonated!

5. 10 Musicians Who Would Make Great Music Therapists

This "just-for-fun" post raised some eyebrows when I pitched it, but I think tying in each musicians music therapy "superpower" did sufficient advocacy work.

6. Does Medical Insurance Cover Music Therapy?

Alright, brag time: 85% of George Center clients use their insurance to pay for music therapy services. We kinda get insurance. This post from our billing manager Christy helps answer some questions on that subject.

7. Is Music Therapy Just for Children's Hospitals?

A large number of the top children's hospitals employ music therapists, as do many of the top adult hospitals. However, the idea has certainly caught on more with children's medical centers. But is music therapy just kids stuff?

8. 7 Reasons to NOT Start a Music Therapy Program at Your Hospital

Yep, you read that right. If I'm going to be pushing music therapy on this blog 3 times a week, I need to be fair and offer the flip side. Although, I rebutted each argument in this piece...

9. 3 Steps to Writing Better Piggyback Songs

Everybody can use help with piggyback songs: teachers, therapists, doctors, professors. Allow us to help.

10. Music Therapy and Insurance [INFOGRAPHIC]

Gotta love those infographics! A quick way to digest a lot of information.

Seriously, you don't want to miss what we've got planned for this blog for next year! Like us on Facebook to keep up!



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