Navigating New Year Insurance Headaches

Well, here we are again; the start of yet another year. For a lot of people, that means going on the big diet and joining a gym. For many of our families, it also means that our insurance deductibles re-load. Most insurance companies operate on a calendar year basis, which means that the deductibles and the benefits start all over January 1st. Drats!

In regards to your benefits and The George Center, please be aware of your out-of-network deductible amounts, as we are always considered an out-of-network provider. Most of you who do have insurance coverage for your music therapy will receive invoices from our office for the first few months until your deductible is met.  Please make sure to plan for this financially, so that these invoices are not a shock to your wallet.

And then…just as we have conditioned your current insurance company to cover our services, your employer throws a monkey wrench into the situation and switches insurance companies. If that pertains to you this year, be sure to send us your updated information. We will be happy to call on your new benefits to see if your plan will cover music therapy. Of course, be aware that we are always reminded when we call, the standard disclaimer: “a verification of benefits does not guarantee payment”.

Just an FYI to our families with Blue Cross Blue Shield of GA insurance, for now, they do not cover music therapy. We are hoping for that to change soon with the new GA licensing that is required for all music therapists. This licensure goes into effect January 1st. Our own Jamie George is on the board of music therapists who are working with insurance companies, such as BCBS of GA, to hopefully have them cover our therapies in the future.

On our end, please always know that we are fighting every day to educate your insurance companies on the benefits of music therapy. We aren’t there just yet with all of them, but we are making strides every day!

Happy 2014 from The George Center!

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Jamie George


Jamie founded The George Center for Music Therapy, Inc. in 2010 in order to expand and increase access to quality music therapy programs in the metro Atlanta area. She is a licensed and nationally board-certified music therapist. Jamie holds additional certifications in Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Music Therapy (NICU-MT).

Jamie received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Western Michigan University, and a Master of Music with a concentration in Music Therapy, from the University of Georgia. She completed her graduate research studying music therapy and its effects on children with sensory processing disorder. Jamie completed her internship working with exceptional children in the Fulton County Schools Music Therapy Department in metro Atlanta. Jamie specializes in autism and other neurologic conditions. In addition to teaching and treating, she actively consults with parents, therapists, allied health, and therapeutic and educational programs across the country.

Jamie serves on the Ethics Board for the American Music Therapy Association, and serves as Government Relations Co-Chair for the Southeastern Region of the AMTA. She serves as Reimbursement Chair for the Music Therapy Association of Georgia, having previously served as Treasurer for the organization from 2007 – 2012.  Jamie also serves on the Georgia state task forceand the Georgia Secretary of State appointed Music Therapy Advisory Committee.

Jamie is an accomplished vocalist, and comes to Atlanta after having performed for several years in New York City and Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.

Check out some of Jamie’s work over on the blog!