Round Up, December 2nd

Happy December everyone! And happy Hanukkah to those celebrating! Hard to believe the final month of the year is here. I'm sure our faithful readers are busy this season, so we're keeping it short and sweet today!

Lego Play Therapy Benefits Children With Autism (Autism Daily Newscast)

Oh man, I don't mean to brag, but I was preeeeetty good at Legos as a kid. I still think they're the greatest toy ever. Now we've got some research that shows this creative toy could benefit children with autism!

One of Us: Minda and Jennie Gordon Believe in the Therapeutic Value of Music (The Florida-Times Union)

Minda IS one of us! Minda Gordon is a fabulous music therapist in the Jacksonville area who so graciously served as the local chair for our conference down there last week! She did a fantastic job, and it's great to see her getting some air time in her area.

Music-Based Program May Boost Seniors' Brain Function, Mood (Reuters)

Cool study here! This rhythmic program for older adults not only improves gait and reduces fall, but can also improve mood and cognition!

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