Coming Face-to-Face With Success

Have you seen this ad for GE?


I think this ad is super cool for a few big reasons. For one, it so perfectly encapsulates the soul of what a large company like GE might do, despite the fact that it is a giant corporation that many people may not be able to explain the products they make. It's also a really cool way to motivate employees who might feel a disconnect between the hard work they do every day and the intangible benefits of their job (saving lives).

This video also made me stop and realize how fortunate I am to be doing the job I'm doing every day as a music therapist.

There is no disconnect between my work and the intangible benefits of my job. I'm face-to-face with it everyday. I see it in the faces of my clients when they accomplish a goal they've been working so hard to achieve. I see it when their faces light up when they have fun and do something they've never done before. I see it in dancing, singing, and in the way they shatter expectations everyday.

That's pretty cool, isn't it? I'll leave with a video I put on our Facebook last week that illustrates one of those success stories. My friend Kai here has been working on words in which his tongue moves from the back to the front of his mouth, such as the word "good." So we got some practice in by making a music video for the song "I Feel Good," complete with costumes. Enjoy!



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