Round Up, November 4th

Ahh, how was that extra hour of sleep this weekend? How about having the sun up nice and early? Hard to believe we're already into November, but it's here! November will be a busy month around here with our national music therapy conference coming up in Jacksonville and Thanksgiving at the end of the month. Let's get to some links!

Music, art, and dance as therapy for autism, more (Tampa Bay Times)


Alright, I gotta admit: I picked this story partial for that adorable picture. This is a cool write up on a therapy clinic that offers several options for creative arts therapy. Sounds like a cool place!

7 Reasons You Should Listen to Music When You Work Out (Huffington Post)

Check out this cool list of reasons to listen to music while working out! Each one has some links to some research backing up the claim. Cool stuff.

Autistic Twin Runners Make Strides at 2013 New York City Marathon (ABC News)

In case you didn't know it: running a marathon is tough. Trust me, I've walked a 5K once. So hearing a story like this is pretty amazing, especially considering the challenges these gentlemen have faced.

New Alzheimer's Research Holds Promise for Future (National Geographic)


There have been quite a few research studies coming out recently regarding the underlying causes of Alzheimer's and how to diagnose it better. National Geographic does a nice job of putting together some of these stories and discussing the implications.

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