5 ADORABLE Videos of Kids Making Music

Hey, it's the Wednesday of Thanksgiving week. You're probably avoiding work, so let me help you with that!

These are 5 of the most ADORABLE videos on YouTube of kids singing and interacting with music. Enjoy!

Ella Mae Sings "An American Trilogy" by Elvis Presley


Seriously, if you do nothing else today, WATCH THIS VIDEO! All five minutes. You will not want to miss what happens at 4:15. This girl is the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

Tonight You Belong To Me (Cover) - Me and My 4 Year Old


Dad playing tiny pink ukulele. Daughter giving him strict instructions on how to sing. This girl is a ham.

Four Year Old Recites Bible Books...and George Strait


Give a kid a microphone and hilarity will ensue. Also, this kid's accent is too much...

Fred the Raver


This kid's face when the bass drops...priceless.

"Everything Counts" Depeche Mode Cover


What happens when a dad starts a Depeche Mode cover band with his young son and daughter using all children's instruments? You get a band that puts the Partridge Family to SHAME.

Interested in getting your child involved in music? We've got lots of options for special learners!