Round Up, November 18th

It's going to be a quiet week around the clinic, but your George Center therapists will be busier than ever! We'll be down in Jacksonville for our annual national music therapy conference! We'll post updates here on the blog and over on Facebook periodically to let you know what we're up to!

Autistic boy finds voice with Katy Perry's 'Roar' (Today)


Cool testament to the power of music here! This young boy has autism and is non-verbal. Previously, he had only been able to use one word at a time to make requests, yet is able to sing full lines of Katy Perry's "Roar." Music uses different neural pathways than speaking, which is one of the reasons individuals with brain damage who lose their ability to speak can sometimes still sing.

If I were this child's music therapist, I would put functional phrases ("I want water, please") to the tune of the song then slowly fade the music until he is able to speak the phrase. Great way to use music to attain a non-music goal!


Music as Medicine (Worcester Magazine)


Pretty extensive and well written write-up on a music therapy practice! Good information.

Can changes in the eyes help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease? (Fox News)


Alzheimer's patients' brains boosted by belting out Sound of Music (The Guardian)

More great research backing for music and Alzheimer's and dementia! This study found increased brain function for individuals with moderate to severe dementia who participated in sing-along groups compared to those who just listened to music across a four month period. Longer term studies like this are a very positive sign for the future of music therapy!

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