Round Up, November 11th

Happy Monday, and a special Happy Veteran's Day to all those who have served! Your service is greatly appreciated by all.

Let's get to some links.

Using music therapy to strike a chord (Duluth News Tribune)


Great write up from up north on a local music therapist! These articles go a long way in increasing awareness amongst individual communities.


Pele Visits Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy (Look to the Stars)


Whoa! How cool is that?! One of the most famous athletes in the world visited a music therapy provider in England and talked about the impact of music therapy!

Childhood Music Lessons Could Benefit Your Brain Later On (Huffington Post)


How's this for a strong argument for music? Adults who took music lessons as children showed boosts in brain speed even decades after stopping their music lessons!

Study: Signs of Autism May Show Up As Early As First Month (CNN)

Eye contact as a sign of autism is nothing new, but the fact that it may be possible to detect in the first month of life certainly is. Great study from the Marcus Autism Center here in Atlanta.

'Saxophone Lung' Developed by Man Who Didn't Clean His Clarinet for More Than 30 Years (Huffington Post)

Note: despite what some believe, this is NOT what a music therapist does.

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