Round Up, October 7th

Welcome to a new week! Every Monday, we bring you a collection of the best stories and links on music therapy, autism, Alzheimer's, healthcare, and more! Let's get to 'em!

Playing musical instrument 'sharpens mind' says St Andrews study (BBC)

Good news for those of us who enjoy picking out a tune! This study found that musicians (amateurs, no less!) are better at recognizing and correcting their mistakes. Study music, folks!

Saving the sight of preterm babies (Science Alert)

Vision loss is a very common and very significant side effect of necessary medical treatments in the NICU. This study found that treatment with near infared (NIR) light can reduce some of this damage and help prevent the leading cause of blindness in developed countries.

Studies have shown that certain music therapy techniques can increase oxygen saturation levels, thus decreasing the need for supplemental oxygen and reducing the risk of vision damage.

Enrollment grows in Drury's music therapy program (

Always good to see music therapy degree programs growing! Doesn't hurt that the faculty at Drury is top notch.

Missing Genes More Likely in Those With Autism (Psych Central)

Interesting read here from Psych Central that discusses some of the genetic components of autism.

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