5 Videos of Feel-Good, Spontaneous Music Making

Hey y'all, it's Friday!

Your Friday needs some fun videos that will make you smile. And there's nothing that can brighten your mood like some feel-good, spontaneous music making! Check out these 5 videos of people's normal everyday lives being interrupted by some music making!


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Those of us who live in Atlanta know the pains of traffic jams all too well. This guy knows how to make traffic JAM (...alright, I apologize for that one, that was terrible.)


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Music therapist use music to modify behavior everyday. But these guys figured out how to modify the behavior of a whole population!


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How about a little saxophone battle to brighten your morning commute?


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How might you react if one of the world's best violinist was playing in a subway stop on your way to work? Many people in this video walk on by, but a few are cognizant enough of their surroundings to realize what they're being treated to.


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This...is my favorite thing ever. I still remember the first time I played my instrument with a group. I literally remember the entire experience of playing that very first note (and it was a warm up note for a middle school band...not pretty, I'm sure). It's just such a powerful experience!

So watching the expressions on these people's faces when they get to experience something similar is just fantastic. What a testament to the power of music!

Music is a powerful tool that we use every day to address clinical healthcare goals! Find out more by signing up for a free consultation on the services we offer and how they can help you!



Image credit: Flickr user anyjazz65

Andrew Littlefield MM, MT-BC

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