[VIDEO] Paperwork - A Cups Parody

Oh, we're excited about this one folks! A while back, the team here at The George Center put our heads together and tried to think of a creative solution to encourage our new clients to get their paperwork and other necessary forms in a timely manner so that services can start quickly and smoothly.

We decided: what better way to modify behavior than through music, right? I mean, that's what we do everyday! So after a lot of lyric writing, some intense practice, and one long evening of filming, we have a music video to show off!

If you're already a client of The George Center, consider this a friendly reminder to send in updated reports from your speech language pathologist, psychologist, doctor, occupational therapist, I.E.P., etc. If you're a new client, we need it all! If you're none of those: just enjoy!

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