Round Up, October 21st

It's been quite the week around these parts. Yesterday was the 4th annual George Center Recital, which was a smashing success! Head on over to our Facebook page to see some great pictures!

Music, Creativity, and Unlocking Our Creative Potential (Huffington Post)

Excuse the brief moment of self-promotion here, but Jamie and I were invited this week to blog for the Huffington Post as part of their TED Weekend series! My post was published Friday, and Jamie's should be coming out this week. Check it out!

A Child With Autism Becomes a Teenager With Expectations (The New York Times)

Powerful piece written by a mother of a child with autism on the trepidations of the teen years and the expectations her son has about them. Good read.

Microsoft Has Invented Earbuds That Pick Music According To Your Health and Mood (Business Insider)

Whoa, that's pretty cool! Microsoft is apparently testing out earbuds that monitor your heart rate, temperature, and other biorhythms to play music to reflect or change your mood. In music therapy, we frequently use a method called the iso-principle in which music is matched to one's current mood, then slowly changed to move them to a new behavior state (say from agitated to calm or lethargic to active.)

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