Round Up, October 14th

Happy Monday! Some interesting links today that link (hah) music and academic success, as well as some fun app suggestions! Check it out.

Is Music the Key to Success? (New York Times)

Great article from the New York Times here. There are a high number of highly intelligent, highly successful individuals who studied music. Why is that? Some speculate that music making teaches you creative thinking and collaboration. We tend to agree.

Noble Medicine Winner Says: I Owe It All to My Bassoon Teacher (Arts Journal)

Piggybacking off the previous link, Noble Prize winner Thomas Sudhof, said his bassoon teacher "taught (him) that the only way to do something right is to practice and listen and practice and listen, hours, and hours, and hours." Practice, practice, practice...

4 Playful Apps Introduce Kids to Music (USA Today)

Need some apps that are both fun and educational? Try out these musical apps suggested by USA Today!

Turning Weapons Into Instruments


Check out this cool, powerful art project. There's been a lot of news coverage of violence in Mexico, but Pedro Reyes has devised a catchy way of taking guns off the street. He's turned seized weapons into musical instruments!

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