5 Advocacy Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for the Advocacy Slacker

Uh oh...it's the last day of Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month...and you haven't done a SINGLE DANG THING TO ADVOCATE!  Hey...save all that shunning, no head hanging here!  This is a judgement free zone.  In fact, we're going to save your behind.  The George Center's here for you.  We know...life is busy.  We may have waited for the last minute on...*ahem*...a few assignments in our time too.

If you've been a music therapy advocacy slacker, here's what you need to do...click the "Tweet It!" buttons below!  There, TWO SECOND advocacy!

"Music and Healthcare"

"Who knew healthcare could be this cool?!"

So you're not a Twitter person?  You see that "Pin It" button on your bookmarks bar?  Yeah, I'm onto you, you Pinterest-aholic.  Take a two second break from looking at recipes you're never going to cook and Pin these pictures of Andrea and Jamie!  That way people can see your Pin and learn more about music therapy!

Oh c'mon, no Twitter OR Pinterest?  Just Facebook?  What year is it, 2008?!  Alright, fine.  Look at the bottom of this post.  Right below the picture of that handsome guy in the green shirt.  It says "Like" on it.  Like this post!  No tell your Facebook friends to go learn more about music therapy by checking out all our advocacy posts here!

...Myspace?  Really?  Can't help you here...go write...a bulletin...or something.  You've had all month now.

Do you live in metro-Atlanta?  Are you interested in music therapy services?  Then forget all that stuff I said above, I want to advocate to YOU!  Click the button below and I will call or email you to tell you all about what we do at The George Center!  I'll probably also tell you how awesome every single person that works here is.