Advocating Through Insurance Billing

Editorial Note: Today's blog post comes from our FANTASTIC office manager, Christy Deneau!

Being constantly surrounded by amazingly talented music therapists, I get a first hand peep into the world of music therapy. I see the incredible progress they make with their patients each week, as well as the grueling schedules that they keep. I ask myself, what can a person like me do for music therapy? I don’t have a musical bone in my body.

Luckily, I am fortunate enough to have the ears and eyes of insurance companies each day. A big part of my job is working with our families and their insurance companies to receive 3rd party reimbursement for our services. Although music therapy is becoming more main stream, insurance companies are still learning about music therapy, its benefits for each population, and its place as an allied health profession.

It is not always an easy process. In the event that I need to appeal a decision, I take advantage of knowing that a Medical Director will be thoroughly reviewing my file. I am always sure to send loads of fact sheets, supporting research, and information on music therapy to educate them appropriately. I am happy to report that we have appealed many times successfully and continue to see an increase in medical plans that cover music therapy, an often necessary therapy for our patients. Helping to educate the insurance companies and help our families out on the financial end of things is what I can do (since you never want to hear me sing or play an instrument!)

Did you know The George Center is one of the leading music therapy private practices when it comes to billing insurance? It's true! We successfully bill insurance for about 80% of our clients!  Contact us today and we'd be happy to see if YOUR insurance company will cover music therapy services!


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Jamie George


Jamie founded The George Center for Music Therapy, Inc. in 2010 in order to expand and increase access to quality music therapy programs in the metro Atlanta area. She is a licensed and nationally board-certified music therapist. Jamie holds additional certifications in Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Music Therapy (NICU-MT).

Jamie received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Western Michigan University, and a Master of Music with a concentration in Music Therapy, from the University of Georgia. She completed her graduate research studying music therapy and its effects on children with sensory processing disorder. Jamie completed her internship working with exceptional children in the Fulton County Schools Music Therapy Department in metro Atlanta. Jamie specializes in autism and other neurologic conditions. In addition to teaching and treating, she actively consults with parents, therapists, allied health, and therapeutic and educational programs across the country.

Jamie serves on the Ethics Board for the American Music Therapy Association, and serves as Government Relations Co-Chair for the Southeastern Region of the AMTA. She serves as Reimbursement Chair for the Music Therapy Association of Georgia, having previously served as Treasurer for the organization from 2007 – 2012.  Jamie also serves on the Georgia state task forceand the Georgia Secretary of State appointed Music Therapy Advisory Committee.

Jamie is an accomplished vocalist, and comes to Atlanta after having performed for several years in New York City and Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.

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