Too Busy to Advocate?

How busy does life seem to get some times? There are days where I feel like if a task is not on my to-do list then it just won’t get done. I have learned that no matter how busy my day seems advocating for music therapy can still happen. Opportunities to educate others about the profession are easy and can fit in to your busy schedule of appointments. From the dentist, eye doctor, and even a family doctor, all are professionals in the medical field who can learn about music therapy. As crazy as it may sound, my eye doctor is now my best advocate. All of these professionals learned about music therapy just because they asked me that all familiar question, “So what do you do for a living?”
For parents who have a child who sees a multitude of therapists during the week, share what your child is doing in music therapy. Telling your child’s other therapists about the goals he is working on during his sessions and about the interventions being used to address the goal is a great way to advocate for the music therapy profession. No act of advocacy is too small!

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