Finding a Connection

Editorial Note: Today's blog comes from the newest music therapist to join our team, Tasia Dockery!  Tasia is a fantastically talented music therapist who received her music therapy degree from Queens University, and interned with Laurie and Andrew at the Fulton County Schools Music Therapy Program.

I moved to the area in October, and soon found out that I would start work with The George Center for Music Therapy. I began my work as a part time music therapist, picking up just a few clients while my caseload could be built up. In order to make ends meet, I accepted a seasonal position at a local business chain.

During my time at this business, I found the perfect opportunity to advocate for music therapy. I was able to share music therapy with my coworkers. One of my co workers happened to be the parent of a child with special needs. The mother shared with me her story and I was able to share music therapy with her. I was also met with the opportunity to share music therapy with the shoppers who were parents or caregivers of children with special needs.

I found the best way to advocate in a retail atmosphere was to take interest in the child. After all, that's what we as music therapists do. We give our full attention to our client. I then shared with the parents my "real" job outside of my seasonal temporary job. This experience taught me that no matter the time or place, I can always connect someone to music therapy.

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