Science Podcast Features "Science Style!"

Remember this?

We had a lot of fun with "Science Style," and based on the YouTube play count, it seems a lot of you did as well!  We can't thank you enough for watching and passing this around, and it's our sincere hope that some 8th grader out there somewhere passed his quiz on the scientific method by humming this tune.

File this under "Super Cool," our tune was featured on an Australian Science Podcast!  Isn't the internet amazing?  Australian scientist hears our song on YouTube, emails us to ask for permission to use it, puts it up on his website, connects with us on Twitter, and suddenly scientist from all over the world are watching Jamie, Andrew, Andrea, Laurie, and Christy dance like fools and play with dinosaur puppets.  Oh internet, what would we do without you?

Go listen to the Diffusion Science Radio podcast, and subscribe to it on iTunes.  Learn some new things while you drive around the great city of Atlanta.  It sure beats listening to the traffic report.