Cool Instrument Spotlight: The Stylophone

In our shiny brand new clinic, we've got rooms full of cool musical instruments!  Many times, when I pull one of these instruments out, parents say to me "That is SO COOL!  Where can I get that?"

One instrument that I frequently hear this with is the Stylophone.

This nifty little instrument came to me as a gift from my older brother, and man is it cool!  It's a small, handheld device with a metallic keyboard on the front and a small pen attached to it.  When you glide the pen across the metallic keyboard, it makes a very cool retro sounding synthesizer sound!  It's a fantastic way to work on fine motor skills for my clients (though I will say, the stylus is fairly small and hard for some to grip.  You may need to wrap it with grip tape to make it work better).

You can find the Stylophone on Amazon for under $30.

Check out this video of the Stylophone in action!

While looking up videos for this post, I discovered they released a new version of the Stylophone called the Stylophone Beatbox!  I know what I'm asking for for Christmas!

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