Aisling Manison


Aisling Manison is the newest addition to The George Center team as of August 2018, yet it is something of a homecoming. The George Center was her first taste of music therapy, where she observed, volunteered, and decided that music therapy was the perfect career to combine her love for music and passion for helping people! Her internship will complete her Music Therapy degree at The University of Georgia (UGA) where she has worked with a variety of client populations including children in elementary special education, children with special needs in middle school, adults with IDD, men in substance abuse rehabilitation, and patients in hospital rehabilitation. She also has a minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and is fascinated by applying music therapy techniques for teaching ESL. In fact, she was involved in ESL research at UGA and received support from the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO). In Summer 2017, she took advantage of the Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) Training program that was hosted at The George Center and received her certificate in NMT.

Some of her favorite clinical experiences have happened at The George Center. With one client, Aisling saw the potential that music could evoke, revealing positive characteristics otherwise masked within an individual. Experiences such as these increase her love for music therapy, and she looks forward to seeing what else she can do with this powerful tool and invaluable gift. Aisling truly believes that music therapy is “medicine with a spoonful of sugar,” an enjoyable activity for clients to reach constructive goals.

In her spare time, Aisling enjoys working as a volunteer providing free Bible education to people of all backgrounds. As part of this work, she studied the Russian language and has been taken as a native in the past due to her “good” accent. Thankfully, music is a universal language, appealing to people of all tongues. Music being a central part of Aisling’s life, she has been constantly singing since before she could speak. These days, she enjoys playing the piano, guitar and ukulele with close friends and is now “tormenting” the household with her recently acquired tin whistle.