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Music has power—and it can spark compelling outcomes for older adults. Whether they be an active adult, an adult transitioning into assisted living, participating in rehabilitation after stroke or injury, living with the effects of early or late stage Alzheimer's disease or dementia, or seeking peace and well-being at the end of life, The George Center is dedicated to providing high quality music therapy services and programs for our clients, families, and communities.

Research shows that when used appropriately, music can facilitate cognitive function, coordinate motor movements, improve oxygen saturation and breath support, lower blood pressure, shift mood, decrease depression, manage stress-induced agitation, stimulate positive interactions, 

In addition to individual and Neurologic Music Therapy, we provide the following services:

MT in Memory Care

Music Therapy in Memory Care

Music therapy is a cost effective, evidence-based, and engaging therapeutic option for your senior community. Research in music therapy for dementia and Alzheimer’s has found that music therapy can reduce symptoms of depression, reduce aggressiveness and anxiety, reduce blood pressure, and improve cognitive function. At The George Center, we’re dedicated to providing high quality music therapy services to your educational or healthcare facility that will improve therapeutic outcomes for your clients and increase their level of satisfaction. Recently, Northside Women featured The George Center, see the article HERE.

Jeanette W.

Music Therapy in End of Life Care

Music therapy in hospice is unique in that it can draw from the patient’s culture, religious beliefs, and cherished memories to create a healing experience that is deeply personal and meaningful. In this, music therapy promotes an environment of healing and emotional restoration that are precisely in tune with a patient’s specific needs. By employing the restorative nature of music, music therapy allows hospice patients, families, caregivers, and the bereaved to enjoy physical relaxation, mend emotional wounds, and recharge spiritually. 

Arbor Crabapple Giving Tree

The Giving Tree Intergenerational Music Program

Intergenerational programs enrich the lives of participants while reaching across the perceived barriers of generational divides. There is so much wisdom and life experience that YOUR assisted living and memory care residents can share with our little ones. Children will learn about the normal aging process, learn to accept people with disabilities, become part of an extended family, reduce their fear of older adults, and receive and give unconditional and unbounded love and attention! Let’s sing, dance, and play TOGETHER! Participants will find a renewed sense of self and serve as a role model to our next generation. See The Giving Tree featured in Atlanta Magazine HERE!

AT Decatur IGRB

Intergenerational Rock Band

What happens when you take a bunch of high school and college students and bring them to an assisted living facility for older adults to sing rock and roll songs? A whole lot of fun, that’s what. Research in music-based intergenerational programming has shown benefits such as improved cross-age attitudes and cross-age interactions between younger and older generations. Our Intergenerational Rock Band brings together the young and old to sing, dance, and get a little wild. After a few months of practice, the group performs a concert which can take place in your community or in a performing arts venue!

Parkinson's Choir Stock

Singing with Parkinson's

Research in both music therapy and neuroscience has shown that music synchronizes neural activity, and can improve patients cognitive motor, sensorimotor, and speech/language symptoms. Our Parkinson's Choir is designed by Neurologic Music Therapists to address limitations and struggles that occur with Parkinson's Disease and culminates in a staged community concert! This therapeutic group is FREE and open to anyone with a Parkinson's diagnoses. Register TODAY as space is limited!

Individuals at any stage of the disease are welcome and can benefit. Prior musical experience is not required but is a plus!

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