Kindermusik programs are based on research demonstrating the benefits of music at each stage of a child’s development.  We start from where your child is, regardless of their age, and provide activities that stimulate the mind, body, and sense of play.

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When young children are consistently engaged by music in an age-appropriate, socially accepting environment, they benefit at many levels:

  • They gain the phonological processing, spoken language, and comprehension skills that are the foundation of reading.
  • They build the spatial-temporal and reasoning skills required for math, science, and engineering.
  • They develop social and emotional skills that are essential for school readiness – like the ability to regulate their responses and relate to others in complex ways.
  • By moving and dancing to msic and playing simple instruments, children improve their gross and fine motor skills.
  • Activities that encourage freedom within a fun and friendly environment spark their creativity.
  • And of course, they develop a lifelong love of music.

Kindermusik for Children with Special Needs:

The Kindermusik classroom environment celebrates the individuality of each child, providing a safe and nurturing setting that is more respectful of children’s developmental stages and invites them to explore, learn, grow, and contribute with their families.

At The George Center, our Kindermusik classes are open to children of ALL abilities!

Kindermusik is multi-modal and multi-sensory by design.  Music is, by its very nature, intrinsically multi-sensory, involving the hearing and kinesthetic senses, even in the earliest stages.  Not only does Kindermusik involve music and movement, but it also includes enrichment such as stories, pictures, creative movement, and a variety of interesting objects as part of music-making and music-hearing activities that draw children into interaction no matter what the preferred learning style or mode might be.  The Kindermusik approach is child-centered, developmentally appropriate, and concerned with the healthy development of the whole child.  In addition, all of our Kindermusik educators are also  licensed and board certified music therapists!

All over the world, parents bond with their babies through musical sounds and rhythmic movements.  They rock and swing their children, put them to sleep with lullabies, and make them laugh with nursery rhymes.  Parents know instinctively what scientists have now proven: young children thrive on music.

Psychologists, neuroscientists, and experts in early childhood development have demonstrated that music does more for children than bring them joy; it helps their brain cells make the connections needed for virtually every kind of intelligence.  Kindermusik’s curriculum is built on this research.

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