Intergenerational Rock Band

Intergenerational Rock Band

What happens when you take a bunch of high school and college students and bring them to an assisted living facility for older adults to sing rock and roll songs?

A whole lot of fun, that’s what.

Our Intergenerational Rock Band brings together the young and old to sing, dance, and get a little wild. Once a week, a group of young adults and older adults gets together and practices learning the lyrics and music to rock and roll songs from groups and singers like Bob Seger, the Beatles, and even newer groups like the Black Keys. After a few months of practice, the group performs a concert which can take place in your community or in a performing arts venue!

People rock our world. Music can help us rock together. Many people see music preferences as divisive yet they need not be. With careful selection and a variety of genres and eras, music can be a connecting and gathering point. The values inherent in music can transcend age. Research in music-based intergenerational programming has shown benefits such as improved cross-age attitudes and cross-age interactions between younger and older generations. We hope that YOU will take part in our program!


We are looking for motivated teenagers and young adults who have an interest in music and an eagerness to serve their community. Volunteers will participate in rehearsals 1 hour per week, on Wednesdays, from 4:30-5:30pm.  The semester will culminate with a ROCKING PERFORMANCE!


This opportunity is perfect for students that are interested in a career in music, music therapy, or any student needing volunteer hours!


If interested in participating in our program either as an independent living/assisted living community, or as a high school or college aged volunteer, please contact with your name, organization, and contact info. We look forward to rocking with you!


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