Claire Morison, Music Therapy Intern

Claire Morison, Music Therapy Intern

Internship is an exciting time in the life of a music therapy student. It is an opportunity to take all the knowledge you have learned and apply it to real life clinical treatment. A student is required to obtain 1200 hours of supervised clinical practice before they may be allowed to take the board certification exam to earn the qualification of MT-BC (Music Therapist, Board Certified). We are honored to be a part of the education process to further ourselves, these students, and our profession. Please help us in welcoming our newest intern, Claire Morison!


Music Therapy Internship

What is your role at GCMT?


I’m the Music Therapy Intern, which means I’m finishing off my undergraduate Music Therapy coursework with six-months of on-the job training. Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of observations, but I’ve also started working with several clients under the supervision of four of the therapists here. Next week I get to start leading half of each session on my caseload, which is super exciting!


What has been your favorite experience at GCMT?


Wow! That’s a hard one! I’ve already had so many great experiences here! But it’s been really meaningful to me to get to know my clients and get to know their respective personalities and stories. They each have so much to share with the world, and it’s really a privilege to get to go in and work with them each day.


Where did you go to school?


I went to Belmont University, in Nashville, Tennessee.


Where were you before GCMT?


Belmont! I finished my undergraduate coursework in April, went home to Bristol, Virginia for a couple of months, and then moved down to Atlanta to start my internship!


What do you like to do for fun?


I really love hiking, biking, taking walks, and any other way of getting outdoors. I’m also a bookworm, so I spend a lot of my indoor time either taking in new books or rereading the Harry Potter series for the millionth time J


What is your favorite food?


Strawberries! (and chocolate, of course)


What is the best concert you’ve ever attended?


Okay, I have to start out by saying that I’m a huge classical music nerd, and I’m also a violinist. I’d have to say the best concert I’ve ever been to was when Gil Shaham came to Nashville and played the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. The energy and the music and just the whole experience was really incredible.


What is your favorite thing about GCMT?


Oh man. I had to retype my response to this at least five times because there’s so much I love about the George Center. I really love the people who work here; everyone is so supportive and encouraging of one another, while still upholding a really high standard of professional excellence. And beyond that, it is so obvious how much the people here care for their clients, and how hard they work to ensure the best possible treatment for them. It’s been a very inspiring community to be a part of.


Learn more about Claire by reading her biography on our website!

Hannah Rhinehart LPMT, MT-BC

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