2017 Social Media Advocacy!!!

2017 Social Media Advocacy!!!

Advocacy —> Recognition —> Access


Since 2005, the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) and the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) have collaborated on a State Recognition Operational Plan. The primary purpose of this plan is to get music therapy and the MT-BC credential recognized by individual states so that citizens can more easily access our services. The AMTA Government Relations staff and the CBMT Regulatory Affairs staff provide guidance and technical support to state task forces throughout the country as they work towards state recognition. To date, their work has resulted in over 40 active state task forces, and a growing number bills filed each legislative session. In addition, state recognition efforts have led to the creation of a:


  • music therapy licenses in Georgia (2012), Nevada (2011), North Dakota (2011), Oklahoma (2016), and Oregon (2015)
  • music therapy state certification in Utah (2014)
  • music therapy registry in Rhode Island (2014)
  • music therapy title protection in Connecticut (2016)


None of these efforts would have been successful without the grassroots advocacy efforts of music therapists across the country. In fact, we recommend you check out all of these amazing music therapy 2017 social media advocacy projects HERE!


Since 2013 The George Center staff has attempted to reach the public with our music therapy advocacy message through music video. This year is no exception. Although our video is late (we have a good excuse, we swear!), we are proud to present…


The George Center 2017 Social Media Advocacy Music Video

“Can’t Stop the Feeling”

Jamie George, LPMT, MT-BC

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