A Word from our TAG-Intern

A Word from our TAG-Intern

Ever since I started interning here every day has been different…and tons of fun! Whether it be an individual session, a group session, or even just office work, the atmosphere at GCMT is so lively and welcoming that it is a joy to come by a couple times a week.
I originally went into the internship unsure as to whether music therapy would really be all that appealing to me, but man was I wrong! From an outside perspective music therapy may seem “questionable” or “too new to be trusted” but after seeing its effects close up, it’s truly amazing. The changes that this therapy makes in people’s lives is utterly groundbreaking. I’ve seen kids slowly learn to enunciate syllables and seniors remember all the words to songs they haven’t heard in years. I’ve seen behind the scenes: the planning, the preparation, the consideration; and although I haven’t been here long, I’ve heard many stories of vast improvement.
There is such a variety of situations that music therapy can be beneficial in. Be it early childhood development or helping to ease a learning disorder, music therapy can make an impact on just about anyone. It is because each and every one of us has a special connection with music, and it is through that connection that we can learn and discover and improve.
Out of all of the internships I have experienced, GCMT has been by far the most enjoyable. There has never been a dull moment and everyone here has respected me and my time and made me feel meaningful. Every day I walk in there is something new going on, and it is just such a fun place to be a part of.


Camille Watson


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