Think You Know Music Therapy? [QUIZ]

Think You Know Music Therapy? [QUIZ]

Welcome to Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month! Every January, music therapists from all across the country unite to advocate for our field. This year’s theme is “We are…” where we’ll dive into what exactly music therapy is, what separates it from other healthcare fields, and who “we are” as music therapists.

So how well do YOU know who “we are?” Music therapy isn’t exactly a household name yet, but Social Media Advocacy Month aims to change that! But in order to spread awareness of music therapy, it’s good to find out just what you already know about music therapy. Test out your music therapy knowledge and aim for a perfect score with our music therapy quiz! Some of the answers just might surprise you…


Andrew Littlefield, MM, MT-BC

Andrew is a board-certified music therapist who has been with The George Center since 2012.

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